The Crossover: From Tech Geek to Tech

This post marks the beginning of my journey to switch career fields. I’ll be going through an immersive course for web design where I’ll be learning Ruby and Javascript. HTML and CSS are part of it, but I’ve got a rather strong foundation in those two languages to lean on. The former languages, not so much, but I’m pretty excited about this.

Today I set out to install a virtual machine to try out Ubuntu. I seem to run into people who don’t know how to get Rails to work properly on Windows and can’t resist advising me to switch to a Linux set-up. I understood this as Windows being a rather terrible platform for code development, because this advice is almost universal. So the overall point of this blog is to document my own steps for others. If I come across awesome Windows solutions, I’ll publish them but you should expect Linux and Mac for the most part.

I’m using:

  • VirtualBox
  • Ubuntu 12.04

In order to get the software side of things set-up I got a whirlwind introduction to Sudo and Curl from the command line. Something surprisingly nice about the Ubuntu Terminal (command line) is that when it gives an error, it will usually tell you how to fix it. In my case, it told me every time what I needed to install and what to type in order to install it. That was what made me stick with using a different operating systme. And …well I’ve been wanting to experiment with Ubuntu all year. When two great opportunities collide ….!

So here we go. Hopefully the stuff I post here will be useful to you on your own journey to realize a dream.

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