Pet Vacations Allow Your Four-legged Friends to Enjoy a Break Too

Previously, it was a difficult task to find pet friendly lodges in a country like India. But now, travellers can take their pets along with them to distant destinations knowing that there is a cosy corner in the resort/hotel room for your furry pal. For many pets, be it a cat or a dog, a vacation with their mastersis having a quality time on foreign land. So, do plan to leave the usual monotonous life behind at home, and lodge into one of the best pet friendly hotels in India that offers all the required comfort.

India is a trove of very delightful scenic destinations that experiences a heavy rush of travellers. Some of the most visited destination like Kerala and Goa are famous for their serene beaches. Here you can indulge in water sports or can take a long walk on the sandy beaches with your four legged pal. During the siesta time, you can choose one of the best pet friendly hotels in India that you find at that destination.

Just as humans, pets too need a quiet pleasant atmosphere to indulge in some energetic activities. You understand your pets likes and dislikes and their preferences too. You are the best person to know which geographical layout would be best suited for them! If they like to scamper at high speed at an invisible target or dart behind a bird or barrow in a hole to retrieve a rodent, then pack your bags to travel to hill stations, like Nainital in Uttarakhand, 강아지 종류 surrounded by mountains and hill to let him enjoy his pet-vacation.

A green ambiance with stylish cottages or cabins built in the detached and quiet area are the features of most of the pet friendly resorts of Nainital. These resorts are perched at an elevated position in the stunning Lake City of Uttarakhand. Tastefully decorated and well-maintained the chalets have well-furnished bedrooms and spacious living areas and dining rooms. The attached bathrooms are immaculate with the essential toiletries.

The restaurant at these resorts offer a delectable spread for their guests. Apart from Indian and Inter-continental dishes, you get an opportunity to savour the Kumaon dishes of that region. You pets are also offered a sumptuous meal at regular intervals and also presented with tasty titbits to keep them happy. Throughout their stay.

An ideal halting place for the families and boisterous groups, the resorts in Nainital provide a bright and vibrant atmosphere. The huge windows and balconies open towards the charming views that stretch across the valleys, the hills with willowy trees, 고양이 훈련 gurgling streams and the mighty snow covered Himalayas at the backdrop.

Although situated at secluded locales, the resorts are within easy reach to sites where one can enjoy sporty activities and outdoor games. These pet friendly resorts offer a lot of activities even for your pet where he/she can disburse his bottled-up energy. Take your pet along to enjoy long walks the woods or play a game of fetch in the open meadows in the country or splash with your dog in the streams.

So, if you want to see your dog enjoying his vacation, wagging his tail with joy, book one of the best pet friendly resorts in India and I am sure he will thank you with a loud ‘WOOF’!

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