Day 1: Installfest

Today was the first day of WDI at General Assembly. Mostly we covered the groundwork: how to use Git, terminal (or command line), and barebones HTML. It was definitely worth it to do the pre-work, though I’m fairly familiar with all these things currently so it wasn’t too rough. Still, it helped me get a firmer grounding how things work and how best to use them.

One issue I had today is that I intend to use Ubuntu as my primary operating system during the course (it’s far cheaper than a Macbook for those of us who left jobs to do this course). However, Ubuntu would not connect to the network. It could see it, but it couldn’t be configured. I’m still not sure if it’s a software issue or what, so I had to use Windows instead. Which is fine — I know Windows.

Still, we didn’t do much installing of anything (Xcode and ZSH, which we haven’t really used yet). So tonight I’ll be taking a look at my own configuration. The biggest problem is the network connection.

Overall, great day. The class is extremely diverse, with people from many countries, career backgrounds, and stages of life. Teaching oneself to program is one thing, but having other resources around you is unbeatable.

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