Express: What’s It Doing? In a Nutshell …

Let’s walk through an app and talk about all of it’s parts. Since there’s a lot of details, I’m going to stick to bullet-point format and walk through each line of code, putting explanations in layman’s terms. Here we go! Express API Here’s our app:

var express = require('express') Remember: we’re using Nodejs, which is sufficient on […]

Breaking the Abstraction Down

Found this incredible loop on Stack Overflow while looking for an array method to shuffle my array. I was trying to do all of the above with basic iteration, but this is an incredible find. This is my little exercise: what do these elements of the loop do?

for Loops

3 Parts to a for loop: before the loop  var i = 0 , the condition for executing the loop  i < myAnimals.length , and what to do when the loop finishes i++ . The loop itself is the code block passed between { }. This will be executed for as long as the condition is true.