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His musicological research area is music, culture and ideology. His earlier work examined the commercial popular songs of nineteenth century Britain and America in the context of social class, nationalism, and imperialism. In later research, he develops methodologies and theoretical models for a critical musicological investigation of how ideology is embedded in musical styles, concentrating […]

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29 Leon Draisaitl, 7. Sniped his 8th goal in the last 6 games early in the third with a massive goal that answered back the one the Wild had just scored to cut the deficit. Another powerplay tally, his fifth in that short span. “Roberto is a cornerstone of Panthers history and an icon of […]


In case you are planning on starting a colony of Blaptica dubia there are numerous items you will need to understand. Very first off you may need to become capable to determine your dubia. Blaptica dubia are also known as the Guyana orange spotted roach, because of their dark brown color and light orange spots. […]

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“If you go and watch court then you’ll quickly realize that this system is not set up to do what they say it’s doing, which is to help students attend school,” says Harris, of the National Center for Youth Law. “This is just a very cynical system where it’s all about its own self preservation: […]

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In his final year in New York, Pouliot had 1.8 hits per game. Only Jordan Eberle have fewer hits per game than Pouliot among regular Oilers wingers this year. Milan Lucic was at 2.5 hits per game, Zack Kassian, 2.5 and Patrick Maroon, 2.3.. “My journey has been amazing,” Favors said. “I’ve been through a […]

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Backman spoke out against a position taken by Charles W. Redman Jr., president of the board of directors, Portland Fish Exchange. Redman contends that a repeal of the Maine Lobster Law would boost revenues for the state sagging economy. Honestly our whole D core is better. Shartz is stepping up as a rookie. Smereck is […]