Lessons Learned for Project 2

This was the first and last group project at GA for our cohort. All in all, very great experience. Working in groups is never without it’s difficulties, but we had a group willing to work together and whose individuals were capable of carrying their own weight. Everyone contributed equally to our success, crushing any fears […]

The Future of Education NOW

In many ways, more than perhaps we’re able to realize, developer bootcamps and immersive programs like General Assembly (GA) are pioneering a frontier of education that will become a staple of the future economy. I’ve been witness to the erosion of university systems, not least because of the staggering cost. But also because Americans seem to […]

Pitchforks Project: Lessons Learned

Honestly there were many lessons learned. I caught as many as I could remember here on Github: https://github.com/Protosac/pitchforks/wiki As an aspiring web developer, ever see a really cool website and think “OMG WHAT A GREAT IDEA!”? Somewhere in there you know it took a lot of work, but you also tend to believe that what makes […]

Git Ignore

There’s actually no such command. But if you’ve got files in your repo that you’re tired of seeing in “untracked” because you’re not going to commit them:

You’ll also have to add the .gitignore file to it’s own list so that it doesn’t show up as well.

Day 1: Installfest

Today was the first day of WDI at General Assembly. Mostly we covered the groundwork: how to use Git, terminal (or command line), and barebones HTML. It was definitely worth it to do the pre-work, though I’m fairly familiar with all these things currently so it wasn’t too rough. Still, it helped me get a […]