Handy Ruby Methods

I love doing little code challenges, little simple puzzles that have big solutions to everyday coding. But the most common of them never get old because they’re the most important problems to solve in today’s technology. Make a palindrome detector. Find this string within that string. Search for all the common letters. Today’s biggest problems […]

Building an API for Tech Education

How did I become interested in programming? In a past career I was a linguist, working with Middle Eastern languages and dialects. One thing I learned from that experience is that languages are very really similar. Sure, they each have their own rules, but their rules manipulate the same conventions: subjects, objects, verbs and adjectives. In […]

The Road to Hell: Culture Fit

First some context. Have a look at these graphs provided by Fortune magazine. In addition to this, women CEOs are still more likely to make less than their male counterparts. The predominant (white) culture in tech often poses a hostile environment to even speaking about diversity — especially if you’re a minority. There’s this cleverly […]

Optimizing for Questions

A couple years ago, Jeff Atwood published a blog on Stack Exchange about their (then) philosophy for improving the quality of their community. The blog was titled “Optimizing for Pearls, Not Sand” and his conclusion was that answers are far more important than questions and therefore Stack Exchange would optimize so that answers were valued […]

Lessons Learned for Project 2

This was the first and last group project at GA for our cohort. All in all, very great experience. Working in groups is never without it’s difficulties, but we had a group willing to work together and whose individuals were capable of carrying their own weight. Everyone contributed equally to our success, crushing any fears […]